Christian Wulle - Art Comment

translated by Harald Frackowiack
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Constructive Concrete Art doesn't need any depiction or literature. This kind of art weigh up with form and colour. A seeking and trying of harmony, a giving and taking in sense of perceptive faculty. Constructive Concrete art is going the straight way and uses known methods of art arrangement like point, line, field, colour, rhythm and proportion. It is absolutely contemporary right into our everydays life, always when we see well-created things around us. It calls "constructive concrete" because it is an own concrete reality. Relating to
art-history it is a stylistic direction of the 20th Century.

[Depends on a speech of Prof. Eugen Gomringer, Jan. 1997] Full Text

The individual artist is just like a lonely wolf. Most of them build up their own philosophy in youth. Come to conviction, set limits and keep them. So they develop individual-art-lines within the great directions of a century, just like the constructive-concrete-art. Short: Constructive has a linear character. It's the line. The line is moving and restricting, is the shortest connection between two points. The line is just like an arrow - points the way, becomes to a fundamental principle of aesthetic and teaching.
Christian Wulle is an example, a young, a strong example for this nimble-minded human thinking. If you know earlier works from him, you know, that he gets in a kind of personal purification-process more and more clearly from amorphous informal painting techniques up to definable kinds of art.
His coloured rods in the primary colours red, yellow, blue and additional black and white, have linear character and they are straightly directed. From left downwards to right upwards, that means in upwards movement, to understand as young, ambitious, positive.
Colour-fields - instead of coloured rods - are exactly formulated, too. Christian Wulle is an artist in the large family of the constructives. The constructivism is a philosophy. An actual philosophy, because it contains the constructive-world-creation in our mind, reaches right inside our awareness with the achievements of the computer-age.

[Depends on a speech of Eugen Gomringer, Feb. 1998] Full Text

Christian Wulles paintings are 45° up going colour-stripes. They start downwards left and are going upwards to the right edge of the paintings. Nothing is hidden or veiled. Constructive concrete art pure.
His paintings are developing an own life. Non-existent colours are shimmering, straight lines are winding, colour stripes are jumping to the alert eye of the observer, confusing them.
Enthusiasm or uneasiness? Wulles stripe-paintings are calling for a reaction. They are uncompromising and consistent, an interpretation is impossible.

[Depends on a description of Wolfgang Paul, September 1997] Full Text


  • born in Bavaria, Germany

  • Academic Background

    • 1985-87 Art Studies
      • in Paris at the "Ecole Des Beaux Arts"
      • in Berlin at the highschool for graphic art
      • in Vienna at the highschool for applied art.

    • 1987-93 official studying at 'Akademie der Bildenden Künste', Munich
      graduate with the title "Master Student"

  • Exhibitions

    • Solo- Exhibitions
      • 1985 Café Opus, Tittmoning (D)
      • 1987 Café Opus, Tittmoning (D)
      • 1992 "Hommage a Miles Davis" (with J.Reipka), Burg Burghausen (D)
      • 1992 "Hommage a Miles Davis" (with J.Reipka), Munich (D)
      • 1992 Schloß Wanghausen, Hochburg/Ach (A)
      • 1994 Möbel Hölzlwimmer (furniture fabrication company), Reischach (D)
      • 1994 Kreissparkasse Altötting-Burghausen (banking center) (D)
      • 1997 Kurhaus Garmisch, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (D)
      • 1997 Museum am Widdumhof, Urbach (D)
      • 1997 installation at the great wall in china
      • 1998 Schloßökonomie der ehemaligen Hofmark Gern/Eggenfelden (D)
        with Ehrenfried Frank
      • 1998 Galeria de Arte Borkas Sattler in Lima-Miraflores (Peru)

    • Group Exhibitions (a short selection)
      • 1993-95 "Artists of the Gallery" Galerie von Abercron, Munich (D)
      • 1996 "International Exposition Concrete-Constructive"
        Collection "Modern Art Museum Hünfeld" in Ness Ziona/Tel Aviv (Israel)
      • 1996 "8 Concrete Artists" Gerard Foundation, Swieradow Zdroj (Poland)
      • 1996 "6 Concretes" Galerie Markt Bruckmühl (D)
      • 1997-1999 "International Exposition 1" Museum for Reductive Art at the
        Gerard Foundation,Swieradow Zdroj ( Poland )

  • Works in Public Collections : please see above
    and in many private collections in the USA, Brasil, Peru, France, Germany, etc..

  • Travelling Studies:
    • into the USA, Brasil, Peru, China, Ukraine, Hungary, Czechoslowaky,
      Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Britain, etc..

  • social-critic activities with art and architecture